My name is Eliel Dan Levy, I'm a CG artist.

In the past three years I've worked on all sorts of projects
including feature films, Tv, commercials and prints at Gravity VFX

which is an international Creative, Design, Animation and Effects group,
situated in sunny Tel-Aviv, Israel.

I have studied for two years at IAC- The Israeli Animation College.

I’m very passionate about modeling and Especially texturing, shading and lighting.

I really enjoy creating in my artworks the real world and the fictional as well.

My skills include:

- Lighting

- Shading

- Texturing
- Rendering

- Modeling

3D Programs I work with:

- Maya

- Arnold

- 3DS Max

- Zbrush

- Marvelous designer

- Substance painter

- Vray

Editing programs:

Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere, Sony vegas.

Currently located in Israel and available for Work.


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